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Museums in Liege

Plan de la Ville de Liège

Liège is the daughter of the Meuse. This is a source of pride and its most charming asset. The river has shaped the town, toughened the character of its citizens and often decided their fate. Liege is also an ancient metropolis in the heart of a region of Europe that contributed to the destiny of the West, on the border between the Latin and Germanic worlds, so the town is !n a continual state of cultural effervescence. Alongside its many museums, and well-kept parks, Liege also has gardens that climb the hillsides. From the top, you will discover an ideal panorama of the river and the town, dotted with churches and bell towers, before coming back down to the historic heart of the city and the … Archeoforum.


Based on texts supplied by the Tourist Office of the Town of Liege.