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Since the opening

Since the inauguration of the Archeoforum on 22 November 2003, new excavations have been scheduled to get a better idea of the Gallo-Roman construction. In 2005, a team of archaeologists, technicians and computer graphics specialists was hired to do a new archaeological study of the site.

Several new parts of the Gallo-Roman building were identified in 2006 and have confirmed or established the chronology of the vestiges.

There are many sites in the world comparable to the Archeoforum. The common objective of all these sites is the conservation of archaeological heritage in an urban setting, and renovation to allow access for the public.

This type of site is generally hard to set up. Urban archaeology is very often subject to haphazard excavation to save what can be saved, and to record archaeological records before total, irreversible destruction of the site.

Urban sites that have been readapted, and therefore at least partially safeguarded, are a real blessing for researchers. These settings, which are no longer threatened, allow for continuation of many study programmes and confrontation of various multi-disciplinary methods (sedimentology, botany, archeo-zoology, anthropology, various types of dating methods …). Archaeologists no longer need to rush. But these sites are exceptions.

Between 2005 in 2007, an excavation team came back to the site, impressing visitors with its patient, rigorous work.