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Conservation measures

Bewarende maatregelenThe specific environment of the site, with a concrete slab as a cover, the presence of reinforced walls on three sides and the proximity of the water table under the vestiges, make it a unique, complex field of study for conservation specialists.

Alongside the civil engineering works done in 1999, a series of scientific studies (climatological, hydrogeological, raw materials, coatings and mortars, biological and stability studies) were undertaken by the Walloon Heritage Institute in 2000-2001 to conserve the site before any construction work got started. These were co-financed by the European Development Fund.

These studies entailed specific acquisitions such as maintenance equipment, a climatological station, and autonomous digital recorders, with the goal of getting to know the characteristics of the site and forecasting its behaviour when it would be continuously open to the public. For the most part, the results obtained by the studies showed that it was absolutely indispensable to install several systems to monitor and regulate the hygrometry and room temperature, and to treat condensation on the concrete ceiling, as well as to limit the number of visitors accepted simultaneously on the site.