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The Archeoforum on Place Saint Lambert is a "monumental" infrastructure measuring 3725 m² (approximately 84 x 44 metres), making it the largest in Europe. Every period in the history of Liege, from prehistory to the most recent times, can be traced in the archaeological vestiges in the form of artifacts and architecture.
 The Archéoforum celebrates its tenth anniversary with a brand-new scenography and interactive tablets (iPad) for visitors to use.

La Meuse

La première RTC Télé Liège Le Soir
 Beneath Place Saint-Lambert

Children and grown-ups, the amateurs and the curious, at the Archéoforum there is a place for everyone to learn about the evolution of the Ardent City from its origins to the present day. Equipped with an interactive tablet (iPad) or with an experienced guide at your side, you will discover the traces left by the first inhabitants of the region during prehistory, the remains of an imposing Roman villa, the crypt built on the site of the assassination of Saint Lambert and the foundations of the various churches and cathedrals which symbolised the power of the Principality over almost 1,000 years. A brand-new scenography with a strong educational flavour showcases never-seen-before archaeological pieces and dynamic recreations. The site is excavated regularly and hosts original exhibitions focusing on the evolution of societies.

Tablets, visits and activities

A place where archaeological and historical knowledge is passed down, the Archéoforum offers a wide range of options designed by a joint team of scientists and expert guides. From individual visits with interactive tablets (iPad) in four different languages to convivial guided group visits and activities tailored to each audience, the Archéoforum is a tool for knowledge with something for everyone. Our range is updated regularly and can be viewed on

Since the Archeoforum opened in 2003, it has focused on the following objectives:
  • presenting the archaeological vestiges on Place Saint-Lambert to as broad an audience as possible;
  • developing and hosting projects for the enhancement of our heritage;
  • taking part in the cultural life of Liege in a partnership with various local institutions;
  • proposing a unique selection of works on the heritage and history of Liege for adults and children;
  • presenting our team and enriching its expertise;
  • participating in the actions of the Archeopass network.

Our work is supervised by the scientific committee that has been gradually put in place to support and advise the management team, in order to ensure the quality of the information given to visitors, and to guide further scientific work on the site.

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